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How to REALLY Get to Know Your Character

You’re preparing to write a book, plotting away, creating characters, and writing more notes than you will ever use. There, on one of the pages, is a clear description of your main character. Height, weight, eye color, favorite childhood memory. … Continue reading

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It’s Simple Really 


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Just Another NaNoWriMo Pep Talk

November’s almost here, and personally I’m all but vibrating with excitement. November! November! November! It’s time to sharpen those pencils, check that USB drive, and get those notes ready. Stocked up on coffee and easy-made dinners? Cleared the calendar for … Continue reading


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Writer’s Block: The Myth, The Legend, The Easy Excuse

I always believe in my favorite soccer team. Even when they’ve done nothing but lose for three months, have an injury list about a mile long, and are facing the defending champions, I always think they’ll win when the game … Continue reading

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Taking the Scenic Route

I didn’t always know I wanted to write books. I’ve always loved books, though, and I’ve always wanted to write, so it seemed like an obvious match. And once the match was made, I fell in love. The forever kind. … Continue reading

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