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Release Day Blues

If you’re a published author, odds are that you’ve experienced some degree of Release Day Blues. You’ve written an awesome book, it’s been revised, rewritten, polished, and outfitted with the most magnificent cover. It’s ready for publication, and you’re certainly … Continue reading

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Battle Scars are Sexy

Any real writer should have a drawer or an e-mail folder full of them. Rejections. The dreaded and unavoidable evil for all writers. They crush hope and dreams, they hurt, and they are your self confidence’s worst enemy. Whether it’s a … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block: The Myth, The Legend, The Easy Excuse

I always believe in my favorite soccer team. Even when they’ve done nothing but lose for three months, have an injury list about a mile long, and are facing the defending champions, I always think they’ll win when the game … Continue reading

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