The Author Recommends: December


December is for feel-good books. At least in my world. So I’ve chosen a few of my Christmas favorites for this post.


51-56ffh-zl-sy344bo1204203200I love all the different versions of A Christmas Carol we get hit with every year for Christmas. Movies, cartoons, musicals, etc. But nothing really beats the original. That’s true for a lot of things, and it certainly is here. The best part is that you can easily read it year after year without getting bored with it.


21692366-_uy200_This is a sweet mail-order bride story. It will warm you up and is perfect enjoyed in any weather. But look at the cover. It’s better at Christmas.


giftSweet, romantic stories from Nora Roberts, perfect for the holidays. And I’m such a big fan of her that I find all of her stories gifts. These just happen to be Christmas gifts.


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Romance author with a tendency to take on too many projects. Creativity junkie.
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