Cover Reveal: Dreaming With You (Morello Cove 3)

I have the great pleasure of revealing the cover art for the third Morello Cove novel, DREAMING WITH YOU. As always, Shelley Schmidt has made a real gem that I instantly fell in love with. I’d love to hear if you agree. 🙂


DREAMING WITH YOU (Morello Cove #3)

Jake Lancaster flows through life determined to enjoy it. He takes pleasure in women, but steers clear of the high maintenance ones. He works hard, but only so he can reap the benefits of being his own boss. When a single mom and her son move in next door, she’s pretty much everything he’s never wanted. But he wants her anyway.

Being independent can cost you. Olivia Ashford learns the lesson when she breaks free of her mother’s relentless rule and moves across the country with her young son. Finally free, Olivia makes it her mission to remain that way, not about to let go of the freedom she’s dreamed off for so long. Too bad her new neighbor makes her feel as if she’s not nearly as strong and independent as she wants to be.

It’s instant attraction when Jake and Olivia meet. They’re just not sure they like each other. Opposites in so many ways, they skip from barely being able to have a normal conversation to setting fire to the sheets. The boundaries they set are ignored from the first second, and none of them are certain they won’t fall over the edge they both fear.



Lund_VintageDreams FRONT-2       Lund_DreamsHome FRONT








If you hurry, you can still grab your copy of VINTAGE DREAMS for only $0.99 on Amazon. Just click the cover!


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