The Author Recommends: July

The Author Recommends

Want to share your summer reads? Tell me in a comment what I should be reading.


If it’s not hot enough for you this summer, here’s a book that should take care of that problem for you. M.A. Stacie might be igniting Ash (I love Asher – you will, too), but she’ll also ignite you.



In the mood for cute, charming, and sweet? Suze Winegardner’s got you covered. I love this book, and it’s not just because it sends me right back to my boyband phase when I was a teenager. It’s just so damn cute I want to hug it. (So if you ever see me hugging a book, it’s most likely this one.)



Continuing with the cute and the charming, this anthology has both. Centering on the same event – the duke’s wedding, in case it wasn’t obvious – the four authors spin tales that make you want to find a time machine and head back in time.



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    Igniting Ash has been featured on Jannie Lund’s blog as a recommended Summer Read!

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