The Author Recommends: May

The Author Recommends

When I recommend books, I’m just as likely to recommend books I read years ago as the most recent ones I’ve devoured. Don’t you just love when a book becomes a good friend that you revisit time after time?


This book was on my to-read list for a while before I finally read it. I’d see it pop up on Twitter, on Amazon, on blogs – taunting me because I had yet to sink my teeth into it. When I finally did dig into it, I found a friend for life. A book soulmate. Epic romance and one of the most memorable hilarious, snort-out-loud moments I’ve experienced in a really long time. The best part? It’s the first part in a series. I love series.



Another book soulmate. I discovered this amazingly talented author through an anthology I’ll be recommending next month, and it was love at first sentence. It’s historical romance at its best.  Just look at the cover. Doesn’t it just want to make you devour it whole? And again – first part in a series. Pure win!



I’d wanted to get acquainted with James Joyce for a long time before reading this. And I’m so glad I went for this first – it’s a perfect introduction to Joyce and to Dublin a century ago. It’s a collection of short stories that make you think, and for someone who loves Dublin, has lived there, and is always looking for an excuse to go back, it’s all the more special. I’ll be reading more Joyce.




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