5 Books I’ll Never Forget

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by th

What makes a book memorable?

A memorable book isn’t necessarily a favorite book. There is a good chance you’ll remember a book for being bad just as well as you’ll remember it for being good. Maybe a decent book  will stay with you forever because it strikes a cord inside of you, maybe because it deals with themes that are important to you, or maybe because it teaches you something important about yourself or the world.

There’s that first book you painstakingly read on your own as a child. The one your grandmother read to you that shaped the fantasies of your childhood. The one you read when you first fell in love and still see through rose-colored glasses. The one that inspired you and made you decide which direction to take in your life. The one that taught you that you know nothing at all. Not all favorites, but you’ll never forget them.

There are a million different reasons why you never forget a book, and those reasons might reveal a lot more about you than your reasons for loving your favorite books. In the following weeks, different people will be sharing five books they’ll never forget here on my blog. Don’t miss out – there are some real treats ahead!

*   *   *
If you’re interested in being featured and sharing your five unforgettable books, please send me an e-mail (jalund@gmail.com) with your books, reasons why they’re unforgettable, bio, social media links, and a photo of yourself. Reader, author, blogger–all are welcome!

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