The Author Recommends: February

The Author Recommends

Every month, I’ll try to headlight some of the books I like to read, some that mean a lot to me, and some that I’ve recently discovered. Books are made to be shared. I’ll start with these:


Colleen McCulloough’s epic tale captured me from the first page. Every time I reread it, I discover new layers, and as soon as I finish it, I already start looking forward to the next time I open it on page one. From England to Australia, Richard Morgan’s tale takes you through history, through vibrant emotions, and leaves you in awe of the utter magnificence of the world created by the author.



Ava Miles’ Country Heaven is the gateway to a southern treat in the form of her Dare River series. I fell hook, line, and sinker for the universe she’s created and instantly cared about her characters. In fact, she’s so good that I can hear Rye Crenshaw singing in my head even though he’s “just” a character on a page. Don’t miss out on this!



If you’ve ever read any of Mary Higgins Clark’s novels, this is a real treat. And if you haven’t, this is still a treat because it shows you that there’s hard work, dedication, and sacrifices involved in being a writer. Before reading this, I was in awe of Mary Higgins Clark’s writing. After reading it, I’m also in awe of who she is.




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