Happy New Year

Wishing you a happy 2016

I want to thank you for 2015. It’s been an eventful year for me, both personally and professionally. It wasn’t always easy to get through its challenges, and I had to face some ugly truths along the way. Other times I was ready to proclaim 2015 the best year ever. It was neither the worst or the best, but it had its moments which will make it go down in history as memorable in both good ways and bad.

Professionally, I’m looking very much forward to 2016. I will be releasing my Morello Cove trilogy with the first book coming out very soon. I can’t tell you how much I’m itching to share this project with you. It feels as if I’m finally being true to myself in my writing, and I have to admit that I’m proud of what I’ve produced. I hope you’ll give it chance and enjoy it too.

With that, I’m wishing you a happy and joy filled New Year. Be safe out there tonight. Alcohol and fireworks don’t mix well.



About jannielund

Romance author with a tendency to take on too many projects. Creativity junkie.
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