Best Reads of 2015

Best Reads of 2015

Four authors stand out in the sea of bookish delights I’ve devoured this year.

The first one is Nora Roberts as I went on a bit of a Nora Roberts binge earlier this year. I must have re-read (well, devoured, really) about thirty of her novels, rediscovering the wonderful MacKades, the irresistible Quinns, and the dreamy Montgomerys. Enjoyed time In The Garden and gushed over The Wedding Quartet. And not forgetting the Stanislaskis! A long line of unforgettable characters in true Nora Roberts style.

The second author who stand out is the lovely M.A. Stacie. Over the summer, I read her new NA, Igniting Ash, as well as her amazing Reluctance series starring her trademark wounded heroes. If you want your heroes irresistible, tortured, and impossibly swoony, Miss Stacie is your girl. She’s also behind one of my top top top reads in 2015, but as it’s not yet published I’ll wait to include it in my best 2016 reads.

While Roberts and Stacie are old favorites of mine, the third author to stand out in my mind when it comes to 2015 reads is a newly discovered one for me. And yes, I probably do live under a rock. I was swept into the Dare River universe by the talented Ava Miles, and after reading the three first novels, I’m now itching for the fourth one to be published. While I wait, I’ll probably pass the time getting swept into her Dare Valley universe. I can’t wait.

The fourth name to stand out if K.M Weiland. I recently read her books on structuring and outlining novels, and although I don’t consider myself a newbie, she had things to ay that made me think, made me consider and reconsider, and most of all, she made me eager to try new ways of working and confident in other ways. I can’t recommend her books enough.

So, this post ended up being more about authors than books, but it’s how I read. If I read one good book by an author, I’m likely to read them all. And you can hardly separate an author from his or her books anyway.

I’m already looking forward to many, many fantastic reading experiences in 2016. Which books have you enjoyed in 2015? And which are you looking forward to in 2016?


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