The Author Recommends: March

The Author Recommends

New recommendations! If you have any recommendations for me, please don’t hesitate to send them my way.


This is simply a masterpiece. Few books have moved me as much as this one. The Irish know how to tell stories, and Mr. Barry certainly is no exception – in fact, he’s a master at it. A young man, a boy really, is tested on all levels, heading off to war and leaving his girlfriend and a home on the verge of breaking behind.



The first book in a scorching hot trilogy where love burns brightly and wounds run deep. Control is the word of the day for Kyran Reese, but life is hard to control, and so is his brother’s assistant, Dale Porter. Hot. Go read it.



My first thought when I started reading this was “Shit. That’s exactly how it is.” With a lot of humor, Ms. Lamott offers an accurate peek into the life of an author. No glamor, no pretenses. Just raw truth and good advice.



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