Advent Calendar

Tomorrow, it’s the first of December, and I know for a fact that you never get too old for advent calendars! Whether it’s the paper kind, the chocolate kind, the TV kind, or whatever else manufacturers come up with these days, then it’s just a great way to count down to Christmas. They’re tradition, and since I love Christmas traditions, I’m going to share a special advent calendar with you. In preparation for my upcoming novel, VINTAGE DREAMS, I give you the …

to the most incredible mum on the planet-23

Every day leading up to Christmas, I’ll be sharing a little teaser from the book here, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So follow me and get ready for the release. It won’t be for Christmas, but there might be something special for Christmas anyway. And won’t it be nice to have something to look forward to in January, too?


About jannielund

Romance author with a tendency to take on too many projects. Creativity junkie.
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