I Am God

I recently finished the second draft of the final novel in my Morello Cove series, and as I let that stew for a while before tackling the third draft, I get to do one of my favorite things as a writer — create a new universe.

Using only pen and paper (I’m old-fashioned when I plot), I will create a universe, decorate it, populate it, and become its supreme ruler. Well, as much as my characters will let me later on when I start writing. But for now, it’s my playground, and I get to build houses, decide eye colors, and what kinds of personalities I stuff my characters with. In my own little, fictional universe, I am God.

I wonder, is there any part of the writing process that’s more fun?

I’ll let you know what my universe ends up looking like and if there’s intelligent life (or just water) on any of its planets. The charming part is that I don’t even know myself yet.


About jannielund

Romance author with a tendency to take on too many projects. Creativity junkie.
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