New Online Home

I’m not exactly a genius when it comes to computers and the internet. (Understatement of the year–I can hear my go-to tech girl, Gretchen, laughing all the way across the Atlantic!) But eventually I’m sure this will start to feel like my new online home. For my first post, I’ll recap what’s been happening lately.

A THOUSAND SUNSETS is set to be published next month. It’s been a long wait, and I’m super excited. It’s a story about second chances in a family setting and a healthy dose of romance. A NaNoWriMo story if you can believe it.

For the seventh year straight, I will have a short story featured in the Danish Christmas anthology, Ved julelampens skær. I just got the letter confirming it today, so that’s something else to look forward to.

And last–as you may know, Silver Publishing no longer exists, which means I got the rights to “Clear as Glass” back. I plan to make it available again when we near the end of the year.


About jannielund

Romance author with a tendency to take on too many projects. Creativity junkie.
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1 Response to New Online Home

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Found you! 🙂
    WordPress is easy. You’ll get the hang of it in no time.

    I need a healthy dose of your stories. Been ages since I read anything from you, social media blurbs not included.

    Hope you’re well, my friend.

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